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  • Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    congrat me..come on, i have ruined the whole thing, i have ruined my life. my only hope and love have been ruined by me. I know there wont be another chance. Chances are so slim now... hell i go!!!

    Friday, July 17, 2009
    Special Day at

    Today Topic (Specially dedicated for baby):

    Baby will you marry me?

    Remember our promises and our future plans. I cant wait for the day to arrive. I want the whole world to know how important you are in me; How caring and special you are; How lovely and marvellous smile you have. You have never let me down, you have always been there for me. You seem to appear in front of me whenever i need you. You make me see how wonderful and fortunate being with you. You are just awesome. I love you Baby. Happy to our another great anniversary.

    Recent activities:

    No army equals to no pay. It has never been easy to survive in this world without money. Everything we do is related to money. To ease the current problem, i got to get myself to work. Thanks to keith, we found a $6 crowd controller job. Sounds good and attractive right? But i =t wasnt so.

    $6 minus 20% CPF = $4.80.
    Crowd Controller = Security Guard!!!

    There is an upcoming 5days freshman orientation camp. By looking at the schedule sheet, i dun think it interests me at all plus have to pay 50bucks and additonal 30bucks transport fees. wow expensive. ok no choice but to forgo it.

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon registration is on. Got to register before next week, to enjoy discounted rate.

    1 more minute to 18th.

    Sunday, June 28, 2009
    Birthday Dear! at

    Happy Birthday to my


    Stay young and pretty always. Hope all your wishes will come true. I love you :) Cheers!!!

    (28th minus 5 days)
    Yea, its 23rd aka aku (me) birthday. Firstly, I would like to thanks those who had sent blessings and greetings to me. Thanks guys, seriously, birthday can never be so interesting without friends like you guys. It is my honoured to have friends like all of you. You guys made my dae, by flooding my handphone messages and facebook. Once again thanks so much. :)

    Now, I want to thank another important person in my life. That is none other than MY dear. Let’s make a guess what she had done for me (btw I was at her place)?

    Among all, she is the...
    1) First to send me the sms greetings.
    2) First to tag my Blog Tagboard.
    3) First to tag on my facebook.
    4) First to give me the kisses in front of me.
    5) First time to bake cake for me.
    6) And, went back to where our first outing.
    That is basically how sweet dear is. Thank you for everything.

    (more photos will be uploaded when im free)

    Saturday, June 13, 2009
    Pink IC at

    I've finally gotten my freedom, no more booking in to camp on Sunday night, no more Area Cleaning, no more Cookhouse, no more PT, no more Nonsense. I'm a 100% pure Civilian now. Nothing got to do with Military (Except reservist). My Pink IC is here!

    I have a person to thanks, who has always be there for me, always being so supportive, been through the tough time with me, listening to my whining, seeing me booking in to camp, and out of camp, bearing through loneliness when im not around. She is none other than my sweetheart dear. Thank You Dear :) And now, im going to make time for you :)

    Im still looking for part time job, i need some cash for the next few months before school term start. Rmb to intro job to me if there is any...

    Last but not least ... ... Ohhh Areee Deee Lorrr!!!!

    Sunday, May 31, 2009
    Marathon Finisher! at

    Yea yea im once again proud to be the finisher of 42km Sundown Marathon. In fact, i had already completed 2 marathons in total:

    -Sundown Marathon 2009
    -Standard Chartered Marathon 2008

    More to come, more intense trainings to be carried out. I love running!!!

    About the race:
    Changi Point --> Changi Airport Cargo --> East Coast Park --> Bedok Connector --> Bedok Reservoir --> Tampines/ Pasir Ris Connector --> Loyang Industrial Park --> Changi Point.

    The route is kind of weird, many small turns and narrow paths, total of 4 bridges to cross (Overhead bridge) ups and downs, crossing umpteen roads and Park connectors. In conclusion, a very very tiring race. Maybe it's because, it was held at night, I got to fight against both the race and the concentration. The crazy part was, i shouted ORD at the finishing point, and the crowd applaused for me, that was like so funny and crazy. haha

    Junhao, Elmer, Gabriel and some of my Sec Sch friends were there too. I wonder how Gabriel and Junhao performed in the race. lolx that was their first time. And it was realli a tough race.

    Back to the serious part:
    1st 10km - 1hr
    21km - 2hr 20mins (cui)
    42.195km - 5hr 20mins (even more cui)

    The Finisher T-shirt:


    And many many number tags...

    This really helped me alot today, i didnt really have muscle cramp, cos i had been constantly applying it before and throughout the race.

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009
    Videos! at

    Song titled: "Nobody" from Wonder Girls
    It is a song by this group of korean singers, check this out, how Mr Brown actually changed the lyrics to become - "Wash your hands too"! Its funny!

    Next, in the list:
    Hokkien Version of Umbrella (Ji Ki Sho Hor Sua)


    Another day now, 17 more days to ORD. I cant wait for the dae to arrive it fast. 2 years of not seeing my pink IC, i wonder how do i look like in it. ANyway, please return my Pink IC to MEEEee...

    Saturday, May 23, 2009
    Sundown Preparation! at

    A lot of work needs to be done. Routine runs need to be carried out continuously. Proteins, Carbohydrates, H2O need to pump in every now and then. All these are the preparation to the upcoming Sundown Marathon. Im only half-prepared for it - had completed 15km run, shall continue to let my muscles get used to the long run, so that both legs will not be sprained on that day. Anyway, had my kit bag collected - Here's how the kit bag (so much nicer than the ntuc bag lolx) look like:

    What's inside?
    Adidas Running T

    This year Bib Number:04337

    Lots and lots of vouchers and freebies

    Hope this powerbar will make me perform on that dae

    Last but not least, thanks babe dear for accompanying me to collect my kit bag. U really look great today, cant help but to give u a few more peeps. Heex, I love U Babe.

    Thursday, May 21, 2009
    End of EU! at

    Its the end of EU!

    In civilian term is known as War Gaming. Do not be mistaken by the name, thinking we are playing some kind of xbox game or psp game. NONONO, worse than a 584905847 years ago gameboy! Nothing interesting, flat 2D icons moving ard like an idiot. Sounds stupid right, ya think so. Due to this major Division event, it involved people from reservists, us and alot alot alot of crabs, sotong and seafood family, we got to sacrifice our sleep, sacrifice our weekend, sacrifice a lot of stuffs. All thanks to a person, for introducing this "wonderful" stuff to us.

    In less than 2 weeks time, will be the start of the Sundown Marathon run. Worse than shit, i think im so unprepared for the run. Just pray hard that i wont collapse, wont get dehydration, wont get heatstroke (lolx for sure, will nv happen, night run)!!!

    Thinking of getting this Copper Bronze SonyEricsson C905. Heard that the Capturing Device is good. Specification wise, not bad, cnet. review still acceptable. Hmm But the price still hasnt dropped. What do u think?

    Few more days/weeks to go - End of Army Career (Not inclusive of reservist period). Alot of things is needed to be done. Attending CO Parade, Medical/Dental FFI, Signing of Clearing Form, Shifting Furniture, Packing stuffs. Due to the new batch of mono intake for the battlion, we'll be release 1 week earlier (8th June) instead of 14th June.

    What's life after ORD?

    Should be going around looking for job and work for (1-2 months) before school start. Will be studying at NTU, Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biological Sciences (4years).

    Of course not forgetting my dear, will spend all days n nights wif her. We are going to many places and do many things right aft i ORD. Thank You Dear for the celebration ytd, i realli had lots of fun ytd. Hope u haf urs too. Looking forward to our next event again. I love you =)

    Saturday, May 2, 2009
    Labour Day! at

    Happy Birthday!

    1st May = Labour Day = Mother's Birthday!
    A big HUG for you :)!
    Happy Birthday Mum!!

    Last Monday to Wednesday:
    We played as e roles of cyber warriors (computer-based), commanding and controlling the whole battle group/ battlion into war. In 2 to 3 weeks time, we are given the supervisor roles, to give instructions to the players. This will be the last MAJOR event before ORD. Hope everything turns out fine.

    Last Thursday:
    ORD Parade - A simple parade to tell the whole world we are going to ORD!!!
    ORD Dinner - Held at Chervon, with food and music and dance by Music and Drama Company!

    I want to thank a person who is always there for me and being so supportive all the time:

    Dearest Baby!!

    Kawaii nehx!!! Thank You :)

    Saturday, April 11, 2009
    Midnight Movie! at

    Handsome Suit!!


    "believe in yourself, and love yourself for who you are"

    A very funny and interesting japanese movie. Ongoing laughters were heard throughout the entire show. A story of a guy, but is very similar to the Korean version of 200 Pounds Beauty. The story ended with a slight twist. It was great, worth the time, worth the laugh, and worth the money.

    Midnight Movie!


    This is our very first midnight movie trip. We have never had any movies recently, so the idea of catching a latenight show would definitely be a good one. We set off rather late, as we did not want to waste time walking around the "closed shop" mall. True enough, by the time we reached the mall, only a handful shops were not closed. We walk, we shop, we rest and all we wished for, was the start of the show time, as 90% of the shops were closed by then. In order not to waste any of the stary night, we took out camera and started to pose and shoot.




    Handsome Suit lasted 115mins and we called it a day by taking SMRT Night Rider home.

    Lolx, guess what have we done today??
    Yea yea, we spent 60% of the dae sleeping.
    10% watching TVBI Hong Kong Show.
    2% eating Maggie Mee.
    5% jogging around Neighbourhood Area.

    Lol! what a day SPENT!! But who cares, we LOVE it!!! Bye!!!!

    Friday, April 10, 2009
    Model! at

    Moo Moo!!

    Happy Good Friday to all ~~

    i'll just start this post by showing some photos, i haf seriously no idea what to type..so please bear with me!




    Above photos: Baby looks like a model to me. I cant believe she is just so photogenic, any angles of her are great. I love you!!

    For the next four days, i'll be at clearing off and leave. Stupid idea, im ording in june, but we are forced to clear it in April. Reason being: The entire Month of May will be occupied with Exercises - War Game!! Seriously, i want my ord date to arrive asap. Kind of sick in camp!!

    Next month, i'll be taking part in the Sundown Marathon. My 2nd 42km run, and my 1st night run. Scary~

    15th April onwards is the released of the Uni result. Hope to know the outcome soon!!

    Thats All Folk`~ I dunno what to post, just a short post to show that im still alive~~Cya!!

    Monday, March 23, 2009
    Wallet! at


    "If ice cream is scooped but no one is there to eat it, does it still taste as good?" ~A.J. Esther

    Lets update some army stuffs here!!

    -Exactly 82 more days to ORD. "move it, move it..."
    -had my 2nd time Combat Shoot, the results are: 20/20 for day shoot, 11/20 for night shoot. Oh ya not forgetting those idiotic mosquitoes that caused my body to itch.
    -NE Trip to Singapore Discovery Centre. Anyway it's my 3rd time there. Cant stop complaining, it was bored.
    -Trying very hard to get rid all of my offs and leaves by the month of april and march.

    My life!!

    Thank you Baby. As she knew i was craving for so many little bits of food, she got it all for me when i booked out.. "giggling"..Dear doesnt realli buy thing for herself, so i bought her a billabong wallet to reward for being my good darling..Im looking forward to "cross-stitch bag" she's going to make for me. =D Shall show it to u guys when its ready; realli very very nice; im serious!! i love u silly..u got to take care of urself when im not around kies..be right back in 4 days time..hugs..

    Sunday, March 8, 2009
    Zoo! at

    Hello guys..


    A very good morning to everyone =). it has been 2 weeks since my last update. Ya schedule is kind of busy these few weeks, with a lot related to army-stuffs. But still i'll not neglect my blog, will haf it updated once im free.

    All About Army:
    -Countdown to ORD: Less than 100 days; exact 97days. That's very cool =)
    -I was selected to be the company best soldier of the month. Followed by, interviewed with the Sergnant Majors for the battlion best soldier. Anyway, im not really interested =)!!!!
    -As usual, alot of guard duties coming up!!!!

    All About Life:


    Our very FIRST outing/excursion!

    To... .... .... ....


    Singapore Zoo!

    My last visit was long ago when i was in primary school. Now with the re-visiting, everything seems to look the same to me. lolx. The only difference is, the animals are decreasing. I dun remember seeing pigs, cows and so on...Only monkeys n monkeys, monkeys are everywhere ard the zoo..heex

    Our Chosen Favourite Animal of the Year:


    That is Otter. They are cute, they move around in group, they peep when we are lookin at them, they run out and gather in a group (and they seem to know) when we are taking photos of them ..IDIOT!!! lolx..

    The Best Animal in Asian:


    This is the cutiest of all. With the look so different from other elephants. No wonder she is voted the best..lolx

    The Best Animal in Singapore Zoo:


    Alrght!! Dun wish to comment on this..lolx

    Most Hated Creature:

    MOSQUITOES (lucky u r not animal)

    At the end of the trip, our arms and legs were stung by them!!!


    Haha that marks the end of our 1st outing to zoo. The price is $18 for adult (very ex). and $9 for child.

    Last few days, baby was sick and somehow had damaged her beautiful vocal. When she talks, really Fiona-Xie-Sound-Alike. so cool, lolx..her favourite numbers: 0385985. Now she's on the way to recovery. Yippee!!


    Hahha look what she is doing..(squeezing lemon)
    very silly right...lolx...i love u alot =) hahaha

    Monday, February 23, 2009
    Laughing Corner 8! at

    Some cute pictures for sharing.








    To ORD!!

    110 more days!
    80 more working days!
    16 more traveling to and fro from camp!
    10 days of off to go!
    6 days of leave to clear!
    Few more guard duties!
    Few more cohesion day!
    1 more ORD Function!


    `joash tan,21
    `23rd june
    `nyp,molecular biotech
    `national service


    If you see advertisement, please help to CLICK =)